Monday, July 11, 2011

Night time drives and Grilled goodness

Saturday morning I packed up my son and his belongings and shipped him off to scout camp. This year they were leaving at 4:30am which meant we needed to be up early. The night before we went to some friends house and had a BBQ and some backyard activities. Needless to say, I think we were both feeling a little tired come 3am on Saturday morning. I am so excited for him to be with a few friends and have some fun. He signed up for all the boring badges this year, but I hope his wise choices will help him advance quickly to where he wants to be. After I dropped him off I headed over to my mom's and went with her to do some grocery shopping. She treated me to breakfast afterwards. We sat in Arby's and ate breakfast and did some chit chatting. It was nice to have some time to just hang out. I went swimming the day before and was so badly burnt it was hard for me to enjoy much of anything. My mom felt guilty that I was sitting there spending time with her when I was feeling so miserable. The truth is I would never trade my time with my mom for anything. I know that the time we are given with our loved ones can all be ended in the blink of an eye. I treasure my time with my family, they really are the greatest.
After a lovely day with my mom I came home and took a nap. My husband took the kids up to the farm and came home around 5pm. We decided to take a night drive to see the deer up around the farm. I put some fish and shrimp on the grill and then we packed up the car and grabbed the binoculars and headed out for our drive. Everything is so green and lush right now. We spotted over 30 deer that night. I never did get lucky enough to capture any bucks on the camera, but the sweetest little fawn was right next to the road peeking through some brush. I think they might be some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.
On Sunday, I received a phone call from one of the bishopric and he asked if I could be to church a little early today. I had to kind of chuckle. If anyone knows me I just can't seem to get any where on time let alone early. Sure I can try and make it. A few minutes later and the phone rings again...same person, this time he wants my husband. My husband wasn't planning on being at church and I had one 6yr old who was bound and determined to stay in bed that morning. After the phone call my husband said he had to be at church today. I was now running late so I took the other girls and headed out the door. I left my husband with the fussy 6yr old and about half way to church realized my husband has a broken arm and can't button his pants or shirts without me. At least he would have the help of the 6yr old, Right. I finally got to church I was even early, it was a miracle. The bishop asked to meet with me and called me to the primary presidency. I am so excited and I just absolutely love the primary. I also teach the Youth Sunday School class. I realize I totally have my work cut out for me now. It's funny how things in my life seem to slow down for just a week or two and then so much more falls into my lap.

Grilled lemon pepper tilapia and bacon wrapped shrimp.
Summer time sweetness in a bowl. The perfect mid-day snack.


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