Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I spent yesterday with my mom and my son. We went to the Buckle and picked up Brandon some school shirts and did a little shopping at Old Navy. My mom treated us to Chinese for lunch. We also went to the new Harry Potter movie. I was not a fan of 7 part 1 it was a little slow and I realize it was all to build up to part 2, so I wasn't expecting much going into this. It was a great ending to the series. There was plenty of fighting and graphics which my son and I love. My mom on the other hand has never seen a Harry Potter movie. We have the books and movies, but I never offered them to her because I know she has a strong fear of snakes. The snakes never occurred to me when we took her. She freaked out a few times but she was a real trooper. There were a few times I looked over at her to make sure she wasn't experiencing heart failure.
The kid and I came home after the movie and it was still 103 degrees outside. A few of the kids decided to jump into the pool and go for a swim. I captured a few pictures of Rachael and her cannonballs and the other two harassing each other, just like always. I couldn't find the youngest for a while. I finally found her sound asleep on the couch. That kid fell asleep at 6pm and slept through the night. I guess these HOT summer days tuckered her all out.

Hope y'all are enjoying your Hot summer days,

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