Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tools of the trade

So, I was in the garage last night working away on sanding another piece of furniture, when I see my 3 yr old pick up a garden hose nozzle and she starts making funny noises with it. I realize she is mimicking her mama. She is just working away with her pretend electric sander and making that piece of furniture look beautiful. I truly hope she does grow up and want to learn all that I know. I hope she enjoys the process of hard work and the joys of something she created with her own two hands.
Yep, that means there are tons of projects going on over here. I have a few days of free time and my to-do list for myself is ever growing, so this week I am going to get as much done as possible. I just wonder why I can work on everyones furniture, but when it comes time for my own I lose interest fast. I have quite a bit that I would like to accomplish. I am working on 4 shelving units right now and then I have a sofa curio cabinet that I would like to paint white. I also have been dreaming of getting to my bedroom furniture, so I guess we will see how far I get this week with all the holiday festivities in between.
My husband is anxiously awaiting to get the staples out of his arm on Friday. I hope everything looks good enough for them to do that. Our church is having an outdoor activity day at the lake on Friday, so I'm sure it would be nice for him to have a better cast on and be able to finally take a shower. I think he just plans on sitting and fishing anyways. I on the other hand, looking forward to some volleyball and maybe even getting to throw the football around with my son. It will be nice to have a day to hangout with my new ward. I teach the 12-18 yr olds at church and I hope this activity might help me get to know some of these kids on a casual basis. I love my calling, but it is quite a challenge to try and get through to a bunch of kids who just want to sleep, talk, or goof around. It's funny, when I was their age I was soaking up the gospel and was interested in everything that was being taught. Some of those guys might respect me more once they see how far I can throw a football. HA HA HA!


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