Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ballet recitals

How pitiful that the last time I blogged was on the day the movie Gnomio and Juliet came to theaters, and now that movie has been released on dvd. There really is no excuse for not blogging. No matter how busy life gets, or how many jobs I seem to be taking on, I just need to dedicate myself to jotting down a few things now and again. I look at my blog right now and it seems like chunks of my life are missing or someone hit delete randomly.
My kids are out for the summer and my sister and her husband will be here in a few days to spend some time with us on summer break. I was looking forward to the slower pace of summer and taking some time to spend with my family, but I took on more jobs than I can handle right now and it is starting to look like my summer vacation will not be so much of a vacation.
My husband broke his arm on Easter weekend and had to have surgery. He is a maintenance mechanic for a medical supply company and can't work with a broken arm. I had jobs coming my way and rather than turn them down I took on all of them...what in the world was I thinking. It has proven to be physically impossible for me to paint 6-8hrs. a day, come home and take care of kids and then head out to the garage for more painting, editing photos in the wee hours of the night and then shooting on the weekends. I still have some of my art and craft things on consignment in local stores and I'm trying to prepare for the next craft show. I realize I need to cut something out of my schedule, but what?
The worst news came yesterday when my husband had a follow up at the doctor and they found out his tendon in his wrist is torn and he needs to go back in for surgery this month. He might not be able to work until sometime in August. So, yeah, I'm kinda panicking!
On a happy note, my six year old is performing in her first ballet recital tonight and all weekend. She's feeling a little nervous, but when I watched her perform yesterday I couldn't help but feel excited for her. She is very talented and I hope she decides to stick with this.

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