Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pics from Denver

Finally, downloaded some pics from my trip to Denver. I didn't take very many on my camera. I mostly shot with my mom's little point and shoot. I still need to go over to her house and help download her camera and copy the pics to a disc. I simply love looking at the pics and remembering what an amazing time we had....short, but amazing.
So, my kids are sick again and all I have been doing is laying around the house. I did manage to get a little work in this week and that felt good. Today, I have the fever and sore throat and haven't done much else than sleep. I'm so ready for spring and all the warmth and sunshine. I just want to open my windows and let the breeze blow through. I've been having fantasies of sitting on my deck with a glass of lemonade and my art journal, while I watch the kids run around the backyard barefoot. I know it won't be long...just getting a little impatient.

The famous Red Rocks. My little brothers local training spot.
Downtown Denver at night. I love this city....the active people....the night life....the art, literally everywhere. I sure wish I lived closer to this lifestyle. My soul craves it.... my heart is happy when I am in the city. All the Christmas lights were still hanging and that sure added to the beauty and made it feel almost magical.....I could have walked the downtown streets all night.


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shayster said...

those are beautiful pictures! sorry you are sick again! can I bring you a meal?