Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Thanksgiving to be Grateful for

Just a few things I have to be grateful for this year.
1. Beautiful healthy babies
2. A peaceful home to live in
3. My loving Savior
4. My talents which always seem to amaze even me
5. Courage and Determination
6. Accomplished dreams
7. Food in the cupboards
8. Paid bills
9. Our jobs
10. Family that loves me no matter what
11. The news of a new baby
12. My van fixed because it has been hard to live without it
13. The first stages of building a new home
14. This one might sound petty, but I am so grateful for a camera to help preserve all of our family memories. I am always amazed at the pictures of my children and how much they have grown.

There is so much to be grateful for this year. We had a relaxed Thanksgiving this year, which was awesome. I love it when we can go chill and just enjoy our family. We spent Thanksgiving day with my husband's family and then on Friday I fixed dinner and took it to my mom's. My husband did the black Friday shopping, so I was lucky enough to sleep in every day this break. I did do some Christmas shopping on Saturday and found everything I needed and a little extra, super sweet. It is a relief to think I am finished with the shopping part. This years shopping was so mush less stress then the previous years. We have decided to give our children two gifts this year and that is it. It for sure made everything easier for me. I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving this year also.

Sweet Cousins

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shayster said...

Those are some fabulous pictures. Wow. what talent you have.