Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodbye Halloween - Hello Christmas

One more week and I can finally breathe. I have been preparing for a craft show for months now and I am totally excited. I do hope I can prepare a little better for up coming shows. After this I should know what to expect and if it will be worth my time in the future. The kids and I have all been sick the last week and I am ready to be over it. The kids were out of school since last Friday and we have all been laying around sleeping and watching movies while I try and pack in the hours before next week. I sent all the kids back to school today and we will now be playing some catch-up with all the homework.
The kids are finished with all their Trick-or-Treat candy and I will no longer be tempted by the buckets of candy laying around the house. Now I'm yelling at everyone every five minutes to pick up the wrappers. No one in this house can seem to find a trash can. This year the kids dressed up for a church party and played some games. I think they had fun. Rachael was a Cupcake princess, Christyn was a precious Chef, Liz was a fifties chic, and Brandon was a last minute Indiana Jones. Thank goodness Halloween is over, because now we can concentrate on the other Holidays around the corner. I have read some blogs and facebook posts lately stating how they are dreading the holidays and how they are so commercial. I would just like to say anything is only as commercialized as you make it. I love Christmas. I love spending time with my family, snuggling up with my little ones when they are on school break. I love visitors and baking and especially celebrating the birth of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm all for celebrating Christmas all year round, in fact I am already crankin' up the Christmas tunes and looking forward to the days ahead. I know what you are thinking (are you for reals) , well yes I am. Actually, I am celebrating by hosting a little give-away over at Toadstool Cottage. You better hop on over there and check it out.

And one more note. My oober talented sister-in-law (Erika Jessop) has a painting entered in a contest and would love your vote. Check out her work Passing Notes and vote for her.


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