Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September happenings

It's no secret that September is possibly the worst month for me to get any thing done, but the month brings tones of excitement. We celebrate 3 kids birthdays, my mother's birthday, and my mother-in-law's birthday. There are countless school activities, boy scouts start, and this year my eldest daughter started young women. There was one celebration this month that was not of the ordinary and that is, my little brother (Brandon Jessop) was inducted into his high school Hall of Fame. What an honor it was to be there and watch him be presented with the award. Our family is so very proud of all that he has accomplished not only in his high school days, but today, as well. I am honored and proud to call this man my brother.
Actually, I have wonderful siblings. Both of my brothers are awesome and would do anything to stand up for what is right. My sister is amazingly smart and never gives her self credit for that. I admire her willingness to give. I also have some pretty terrific sibling in-laws. So, here are some photos to help sum up the excitement from this month.

my brother accepting his award
My son marching in the band

My son's first football game

The girls baking birthday cakes

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shayster said...

So cool!!!

rayna said...

Rhonda, the pic of Rach is spot on...too cute. This should be on the cover of "I Love to Cook!"

Seriously, great pic!