Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making banana pancakes

This little one was feeling under the weather and so I took the week off. On Monday we made banana pancakes. She was eager to get her cooking gear on and get to work. Christyn wanted her picture taken...I guess she wanted some sort of documentation that she alone made pancakes. I was surprised how well she did flipping pancakes off the hot griddle. I have totally enjoyed my week with her. We spent quite a bit of time working on her numbers and she even was introduced to addition problems this week. She did awesome. I thought it would be way beyond her level, but she insisted. It is funny how I can underestimate the capabilities of a 4 yr old when she is so obviously willing to learn. Lets just say this kid is eager and I forget I have all these hours in the day to teach her just by completing daily routines. Simple things... like how many cups of pancake mix do we need to make 2 batches of pancakes. Not only did she get to learn some addition, but I got to eat some of her amazing pancakes...Yummy!
My two oldest kids were playing basketball this season and had their last game yesterday. My son has already started wrestling season and is now ready to turn all his attention to that. Today he came home excited he pinned one of the high school boys. I never have been much of a wrestling fan, but my son has found his calling and it is a joy to watch him do something he loves, not to mention he is really good at. He will be competing in both school and community wrestling matches this year. He should get lots of practice between the both. He is also volunteering himself to help out with the high school team. He gets thrown around quite a bit by the high school boys, but still loves it.
I haven't done much crafting these days, between illnesses, games, and extra activities, it is hard to find the time. I have had an itching to get back into more of a full routine. I really am anxious to break out the clay and get back to work.
I guess I should go and get some dinner on before I have 4 kids lined up at the office door.
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